Prefabricated Homes Designs By Vivendi.

The first thing that anyone would notice about this house are the similarities between the roof of the house and that of the guest’s canopy. It might seem like a very uniform and simple design but the details have been carefully and strategically designed to allow this beautiful result to be created. As for the rest of the design, there are numerous feature that stand out.

One example would be that of the large folding doors. The doors are simple but they introduce light. They are available in three sizes so that the guest can easily take advantage of the additional facilities.

Prefabricated Homes Designs By Vivendi. Photo 2

Another detail that stands out is that of the materials used. Though the exterior is rough and not exactly friendly with the pastels, the interior is very bright and clean. This impression is further increased when the color of the walls is also chosen according to the guest’s preferences.

Prefabricated Homes Designs By Vivendi. Photo 4

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