Plastic Tv Stand By Jayden Wilson

tv stands are usually very simple and there are not many models that are functional, but there are, of course, variations, which are made to suit one’s style and to match the space that is available. This is the case of a very simple piece of furniture that is used for serving clothes. It’s more than just a TV stand. It’s also a very practical and special piece that can be very helpful when it’s a clothes-free environment.

The Bluson TV stand is both functional and stylish, simple and sophisticated, versatile despite its simple design and modern look. It’s made entirely of wood and has a natural finish. The combination of steel and wood is spectacular and not an overinfloor however it is very practical and can be easily integrated in any kind of room. Either way, the nice thing about this piece of furniture is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors, on the terrace or in the kitchen. It’s easy to stack the TV and you can even use it in the kitchen when you want to save some space.

The Bluson TV stand is available in a shiny , dark brown lacquered finish or finishes that are available in black, grey or red. You can also opt for a different color combination or for one with more vibrant colors. The design, size and shape are all impressive. It’s an elegant piece of furniture and it would look great in chic, modern homes.Available for $4,050.

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