Plastic Tv Stand – A Perfect Adaptable Storage Furniture Element In Your Living Room

tv stands are very practical and they are very similar to the bookshelves and everything else in common. They can be used either as a standing or a horizontal console and, even though many people still use them as a regular tv stand, their functionality is just as important. We have already proven that there are many other ways of getting great functionality out of a TV stand. The somewhat similar thing to this piece can also be a kitchen island.

The success of the project lies in the small size and simple mechanism that underlines the main design of a bookshelf. The combination between the wooden structure and the metal mounting system that holds the TV stand is one of the most famous yet less predictable designs we’ve seen. This particular one has only 27” to work with. It’s a DIY piece and, even though you might think it’s not exactly an original idea, you’ll end up end up having a lovely bookshelf that holds all your favorite books.{found on addicted2decorating}.

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