Minimalist Bar Stools By Martina Ccall Himatic

Everyone has at least three or even more glasses and plates when it’s time to buy a pair of glasses, usually they can even gather there together and take care of some minor things. For those who have no such problem, the bar stools designed by Martina Ccall Himatic are probably the best.

They are simple but, still, it’s not at all ordinary. The seats, the backrests, the arms are the only things that are different. The reason why I have noticed this particular style is because it’s very uncommon for such a piece of furniture to look like that. It’s not as common for this type of chairs to have long legs like those of the Sofa chair, the one you use in the clubbing lobby, but to have short lower backrests like those of the armchair. The stool is very comfortable and the only reason why they are so common is because they are so lightweight. However, this doesn’t make it equally comfortable or elegant, because, as you know, there are very few such items.

Minimalist Bar Stools By Martina Ccall Himatic Photo 2

The stools probably look the same regardless of the shape of the seat, the material it’s made of but the beauty and elegance of the design is still preserved.There are plenty of versions of this classic stools, available for purchase and there are also a few matching footstools, all very comfortable and elegant. I particularly like the version with the short legs, because they look like soft toys and the backrest is the same one, perfectly adapted to this purpose.

Minimalist Bar Stools By Martina Ccall Himatic Photo 4

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