Luxury Homes In Toronto: One Is Double-height And Has A Terrace Overlooking The Street

Victorian homes and apartments can get pretty boring fast when one leaves the door open for another luxury home. Instead they can be stunning and luxurious. Andnow that we have seen, we had the chance to visit toronto and take a peek at some of the luxury homes that are providing a clear definition of what the word “toronto” actually means!

People often know what the official name of the home is but there’s much more to this house than meets the eye. Located in the Torquay neighborhood of Melbourne, Melbourne, this contemporary residence offers a variety of luxury and spacious living rooms that range from seemingly spacious master suites to trendy gold and crystal villas. The home is nestled on a 300-sq.-ft. lot in an exclusive Limestone Hill community, which offers a private urban lifestyle with Tasman Bay Sands as well as other city and ocean views!

According to the architects, “The combination of traditional architecture and the natural beauty of place have shaped the elegant, refined and refined theme of the home, which indeed celebrates the rings of a cascade of light, as well as the views to the trees. The refined design language of draws the viewer in, creating a sense of discovery travelers and the very essence of the home.”

Luxury Homes In Toronto: One Is Double-height And Has A Terrace Overlooking The Street Photo 3

The minimalist décor is softened by a layer of plain white walls and dark wood on the floors, adding character and function to the home. The views to the resort were an integral part of the vision the architects had to make for the home and the distinctive roots of the city near Moon Peak.
Rachcoff Vella Arquitectos
photo credit: Marcos Garcia
via ArchDaily

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