Loft Style House By A Change Of Look

We have the perfect lofts! To be precise, there’s nothing like a little less stuff. A little bit, a lot, a lot. We can’t help but agree with this sentiment, if you’re looking for something new and different for your home, you’re going to need lofts. That’s why these houses are so appealing to people who are looking to take on a lifestyle of their own, without paying for services. This loft style house was designed by studio A Change of Look and is something that you will see flying around the web sites. It is definitely unique, and unlike anything we’re used to seeing.

The general feeling one might get upon entering this property is that of a colorful and ingenious puzzle moved around your back yard. What they offered was covered with an immense living roof. Well, the roof doesn’t have to be because, well, they made it look good. The entire house was covered in a thin layer of flat fiber cement that covers not just the home but around it too. The edge and the back walls were made of wood fiber cement, which is both cozy and cool in general. The ceiling is also made of wood, which creates an extremely cozy atmosphere and the furniture that can be placed against the wall is also made of wood, which creates the feeling of a room that has been opened to the outside world.

The two floors were put together like a puzzle, with different floors that go from one zone to another and different pieces of furniture. Each floor has its own style. The corridor is probably the most interesting of all, with its strange shape workpiece and the colorful paintings taking you into a different world.

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