Kohler Cast Iron Shower Base – The Slipper Shower By Bethan Laura Wood

Are you looking for a shower base that is simple and effective in its design yet that has not overwhelmed the sheer level of design options you have at its disposal, then the Slipper shower is a perfect fit. Measuring 66? H x 31? W x 23? D, the sleek and charming base provides you with the perfect storage area for bath towels or shampoo bottles that do not wish to occupy a lot of space or could compete with the space on your shelves and counter top. The drawers that you see are available in two options; up together they can occupy pretty much the entire surface area available, giving you a way to use the space you have available.

The thing that you enjoy most about the Slipper shower is the very low cost. You can get it in glass, ceramic, and white and it will not cost much to assemble. Its design makes it a great option for people who are currently in decision about their future bathroom design, but also for those who want to keep everything simple and efficient.

It’s a very beautiful and modern piece of furniture that would look great in a modern or contemporary bathroom. It’s very functional and practical and it comes in many colors, both darker and bright. It has a beautiful shape and it seems very quiet and relaxing. It’s almost like a pleasure to bathe in. You’ll be relaxing in the shower and feel relaxed again. It’s almost impossible to wake up the same way.

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