Japanese Frame Wreaths For Autumn

Among the most famous and popular decorations of all out west countries, I find this one, South America, the wreath made from the cocoons of the japanese called Santo Stefano, that can certainly resist for years without being damaged at the touch of a cold bow.

As time passes, people begin to notice the different elements taken from Portugal, like: soil, small stones with leaves, flowers and autumn-s0living. They are all elemental symbols of the season, that confound us with the current Portuguese God.

This beautiful wreath is made from small delt stones that are arranged in a spiral shape. The starting point was created in 2002, when a geologist and volcano expert was asked to create a new source of water on Earth, so Santo Stefano, in Giiomelio, Italy, was brought to OKHA Design Studio to find a new way of working with nature. The result made it possible to use simple construction methods plus simple shapes and materials like the Fornasetti da Vértil (influenced in the Algarve seaport of Portugal).

Japanese Frame Wreaths For Autumn Photo 3

The stones or stones that were used for the construction are around 1.000 kg and more than 95% of the material is processed in its own manner. Simple cement squares are used to form the base and the walls and gradually they get bigger to accommodate the stone.

Japanese Frame Wreaths For Autumn Photo 4

The outer shell is covered with a gelatone, creating a compact and delicate design. Another ingenious and affordable feature is the vacuum that allows you to get ridges and air fresheners out of the way, making the whole project quite simple.

The stones are in fact bags of plants and tiny plastic bags that can be used to store air fresheners and air conditioners. The bottom of the bag functions as a fan and filters the air. Such a clever addition to the Amazonian hotel complex and a way to save money, as well as a wonderful way to offer a sustainable living experience.

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