How To Make Your Room Brighter? Use White Paint Or Light Paint To Add The Touch Of Color

White color theory is the best way to realize whether your walls or your furniture are actually white. But this is not the only color you can use to decorate your room. There is also the opposite color: blue. It’s a color that will always make you feel happy and peaceful. This color is also why it is perfect for bedroom. And here are some tips and ideas that will help you create a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

1. Nature sounds great.

A room with a natural theme including nature – where all the furniture combined with natural elements sound so perfect sounds can be a magic world.

2. Octopussy furniture.

She is the girl that looks just like a bird in the trees or maybe she is an improvrock star that invites all her friends to read a story.

3. Eclectic Living rooms.

With a living room as dynamic and fresh as this one, your living room can look just as dynamic as this one. The mix of styles is very pleasant. The simplicity of the décor complements the mix of colors creating modern and dynamic living rooms.{pictures from bhg}.

4. Cozy conversation area.

If you decide to combine a living room with the kitchen and dining room, your living room will be instantly more inviting and cozy. Here’s a nice choice for the children’s room. Mix modern pieces with vintage or rustic furniture and decorate the room with an original painting, some posters or drawers and wall decorations.{image from site}.

5. Designer bedrooms.

When you finally find the room to analyze it, it’s hard to find the room. But when you find the room with the great décor you want, there’s no need for a makeover. Just decide on a new color, a fresh coat of paint, some new furniture and create your own design.{found on site}.

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