Duravit Sinks And Various Accessories By Susan De Paula

The kitchen is a very important part of any home. It’s a room that needs to be functional and practical and, of course, every kitchen needs a storage space and a modern and practical way of doing that is by organizing and cleverly using the kitchen island as a compact piece of furniture. Well, that was the case with Susan De Paula who decided to choose a more stylish and simple décor for her kitchen.

After sorting and organizing the whole kitchen, Susan found a very beautiful sink that, besides being very functional and practical, also suits the modern and contemporary designs and decors of her kitchen. The sink is white and it has a beautiful shape that, while simple, also adds style to the kitchen. The materials used for the project are simple and include laminated countertops, upper and lower cabinets, A-frame doors, and an inner storage space.

The sink collection features more than just a sink and a top and a mechanism that also provides a shelf close by where towels are mixed for washing up food. Moreover, the sink is available in two different finishes. The original black finish is great for any kitchen but the modern look is not the only option. You can also choose the chrome finish if you prefer the original design.

Each piece is unique and each sink also features a different color. The rectangular top is made of chrome but is tempered for increased safety and durability. This stylish kitchen sink is available for $4,050 at Pottery Barn.

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