Diy Wooden Barrels By Eley

In case you’re not familiar with this design, we refer to a very unusual piece of furniture that recently got a makeover and a new look. It’s a very interesting idea that has the help of two things: to reduce the cost of the product and to focus on functionality and durability. The transformation that this piece might bring to your attention might be a one or more DIY project.

Today we came across this very simple but also very stylish and versatile table. It was made of reclaimed wood with no joints and, at the same time, it has a nice, rough finish. It’s a Grade II listed woodworking work and it’s a very interesting, artistic and special coffee table. It has a lacquer structure and straw tops and it’s available in two sizes. You can choose between three different designs. The first design features an XL 16 x 24-inch table, the version available onazon for $450. The design is rather unusual, especially in contrast with this one. However, this is the version that will appeal to people like this one.

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