Contemporary Rooms With Stone Walls

Stone walls, meaning a stone wall or stone floor, have expressed an aesthetic of profound style, aesthetic, and style for centuries. They can help distinguish different interior from different floors and can enhance a contemporary, but not entirely white, interior. Here are just a few examples.

This beautiful home is located in Johannesburg, South Africa, near the landmark Tuberza (a large rock hill that farmers might have found fable). The stone wall’s shape creates a sculpture-like effect, which suits the home’s surroundings, beautifully.

This same wall was the primary foal point of the Town Hall stone façade – meeting the slender, wheeled structure it is today.

Contemporary Rooms With Stone Walls Photo 3

As function was the visual, the function was the form.

A narrow, elliptical building at 230-m2 (2,045-sq.-ft), in Johannesburg, South Africa, was built in 2010 as a home for a long-time resident of the site. It is an interesting, though indeed risky, mix of modern influences and ancient, quite conventional with its historic but somewhat contemporary edges.

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