Brass Ceiling Panels By Ironamark

For those who prefer a more vintage look, there are plenty of projects and designs you can try. One of them would be to use brass in combination with other materials. This way you’ll create some very beautiful and unique items. For example, take a look at this bedroom. It features a traditional interior and a variety of vintage details so that’s quite impressive.

The brass ceiling lets it all stand out and this detail becomes a focal point for the décor. The bedroom features a second option. This time it’s not the actual ceiling that stands out but the metal and glass feature wall-mounted ones like the curtains or the console table.

Brass Ceiling Panels By Ironamark Photo 2

This is a bedroom with both elements. The bed integrates into a wonderful headboard. The actual portion of the nightstands only enhances the beauty and uniqueness of this design. And the polka dots that make up the nightlight are also an eye-catching detail.

Brass Ceiling Panels By Ironamark Photo 3

Sometimes it’s best to just go without plan and to go with it. For example, this bedroom is designed with a very specific theme. It all starts with what seems to be a bed. The headboard matches the horizontal stripes and the two elements contrast with each other but also complement each other.

Brass Ceiling Panels By Ironamark Photo 4

And what about a headboard that also has an elegant design? There are also several other options to explore. You can have a king-size bed with a distressed finish, a more opulent type of headboard and some detailing on the frame. The headboard would have to be both simple and traditional, with ornate designs and very simple and elegant details. It’s also not a design statement but rather an element that adds elegance to the room and that can be really versatile.

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