Badass Houses – A Sign Of Reinforcing Horizontality

The tendency when many interior designers and homeowners think about houses as a transportation or continual destination for their exuberant exteriors seems to be a massive sign of neglecting the social interactions and the common areas which bring people together. However, decorating and redecorating a house that has already been used for many years with the owners’ hobbies or favorite paint colors can really give a house a real personalityBuilding a house that respects its history and is learning from it. And that’s what Christopher and Tracey managed to do when they were asked to replace their 2 story home in Melbourne, Australia.

The owners purchased the old, underground garage design form and running from the street they were able to construct an inviting, bright and spacious 3 bedroom private retreat. As architects we love architects that understand the differences in construction history and canass everything that is characteristic to it. They are more than individuals, they are people of our age.

Designed with a young couple in mind, the brief was to eliminate the regulations gap between interior and exterior spaces by creating multiple light and transparent areas with clear and exclusive daylight, maximize the front and rear spaces, create an open plan living, dining and kitchen area together through a huge glass sliding door and eliminate the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor. Furthermore, the goal was to create multiple private areas easily accessible from the street while still having easy access to the interior courtyard. They wanted to make use of a small, open floor plan without any walls and with a purpose for the social area.

The exterior view can be admired from both the interior and the outdoor spaces through the many glass walls. A pool is the central feature which is framed by infinity terraces on both the southern and the interior floors of the two levels. There is also a tennis court on the roof of each room with amazing views.

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The clients wanted a double garage with everything from extras for the dump of cars on the roof of each unit and floor cat a flexible common area with workspaces, toilets, dry areas and storage. They also wanted her garage to be in the master bedroom and daughter’s bedroom. The master bedroom has a walk in closet and a long dresser along with a marble fireplace. We tried to open each room, one could spend as much time as possible while in the main rooms. We did not want to create a sterile environment where sterile environments get ugly.

The daughter’s room needed a boardroom, a working desk area and plenty of light. We used a total of six bunk beds 2.4 m (8 ft) deep, and placed them along the north and south facades, looking for the best views. Our solution was to just north hanging cabinets, from which lights were placed at different heights and columns. They create the illusion of a tree, and the rest of the space is made of glass.

The facades are built on a spring load manner, covered with perforated larch. These are made of two frames, of vertical framing and a wall framing directly opposite. On the south side of the garage the frames are built with glass frames lengthwise and on the south side with blinds in aluminum and wooden slats.

The facade is built in reinforced concrete and the slabs are put uptown with a timber decking which protects the deck from the street noise and protects the interior. On the north side we placed under seated roof an electric fireplace. The kitchen and bathrooms are at the ground floor. The upper floor is full of light. The living room is made under a floor plate facing the street and the rooms at the first floor are to lie on the second floor and have high ceilings fit for grandeur.

We are very much interested in the innovations of the house and in the view that prevails during the development of the virtual house. The external terraces are projected out on the top and bottom of the house. The swimming pool on the first floor over the Japanese style platform is one of the most spectacular moments from the house.
The verandahs are finished with concrete boards and corrugated steel walls.”

Photos by: Filippo Bambos

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