Sunken Bathtubs – The Ultimate In Luxury And Relaxation

Fun fact: sunken bathtubs are a regular thing you can include in your bedroom’s design. Unless a décor completely built into the headboard is being thrown into the room, sunken bathtubs are definitely the perfect place to feel relaxed and productive. In some cases, sunken bathtubs also double as beds. So don’t hesitate to go for that, embrace the style and functionality that sunken tubs provide and then enjoy the serenity that sunken tubs offer.

The defining characteristic of a sunken bathtub is the elevated rim that gives the tub an elevated look. This design provides both options in terms of style and the fact that it can easily be sunken and expanded into an even wider variety of designs.{found on terracottv sadlyforestic}.

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It’s possible to have a sunken tub while still preserving a minimalist and simple design. You’d have to choose a style thats modern, minimalist, rough with natural materials and organic shapes.{found on alamarchitecture}.

Similarly, you can also choose to have a sunken tub. It’s the choice that suits the style. Perhaps you could opt for a classical bathtub with fluid lines, a tub that you can admire in a long time or for a modern spa, a combination that’s intriguing for several reasons.

Sunken bathtubs don’t necessarily have to be freestanding if you use them as standalone features. So if you want to add some rustic charm to your bathroom, a salvaged wooden log and some wood salvaged from a nearby farm can be all you need. Complement the log with a stone feature and the result will be a charming décor.{found on sfgirl}.

Another really great option for the contemporary bathroom would be a salvaged barrel leg swing. You can adjust the height and you can even take the shape of a flip-up swing which makes it super flexible and versatile. It’s simple and it’s comfortable, it’s also very safe.{found on site}.

If you want your bathroom to be just as relaxing and cozy as any other room of the house, consider a tub in a tub. There are a lot of interesting ways to make this feature part of the bathroom decor. The barrel leg tub featured on sugarandcloth is one of the most interesting you’ll see on this list. If you want to create something similar you’ll need a pallet board, a drill with a 3/4” drill bit, masking tape, bedding and pegs. The most difficult part in this case is cutting the lumber.

In the case of the tub faucet featured on abeautifulmess the attention to details goes with the simplicity and natural beauty of the design and the fact that the valve is actually not that complicated. The instructions are very clear and easy. First you measure the whole faucet, then you cut the excess, the valve and the pipes and you make a hole in the outer cap. Put the pieces together and secure everything.

If you want your tub faucet to have a rustic and also a little bit vintage look, you can choose to build one yourself. You can find the instructions available on homesbycarmona. The form that you need is very simple and the finish and color are ideal since these details are usually very vibrant and beautiful.

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