Studio Apartment Furniture Ideas From Jardins & Frits

We’ve just got a tip for our readers. If your home is super creative – if your work is postable – if your kids are crafty, if you are creative enough (if you are obviously artistic), or if you are new to the idea of decorating a home with style, then thoughts and ideas are fluid. If you’re into unconventional decorating, then you probably have some ideas of how you ought to do it. Generally, it is best to keep the colors…or at least keep them subdued and simple, which places great emphasis on. Here are three spaces that show just how far we can go in your home styling with style from outside the personal realm of decorating.

Soft Space, Soft Comfort.

While we mentioned strategic decoration, really any space can be comfortable. Whether it’s your living room, foyer or bedroom, soft comfort is key if you choose wisely on your furnishings. You can add a rug on the floor in a soft yet comfortable fabric, a sofa and a coffee table and you can even keep small framed art pieces that would otherwise just stand there like a badjunk. The perfect example is this rocking chair from one of our favorite design blogs.

Soft Textural, Freshness.

The best way to use any decorating trends is to pair them with something a little different. Consider adding some part of nature to your space. Natural fibers feel great underfoot, so even the most clean, neutral spaces can benefit. Just be careful with small details – don’t include too many crepe paper bits, or cotton reindeer twine. Give them a well-lit headboard look with a bit of soft cabin upholstery.

Wooden Beams, Not Crochet.

Elegant pieces, like these woven wooden beams, look great in any setting. Whether they’re created or upholstered, that same lovely woodsy trend is one of our favorites. We think beams that are of various wood grains and hues immediately bring a feeling of warmth to a dining room, kitchen, or bedroom. We love the concept of sheer upholstery, so be sure to grab some of your favorite cozies and fix anything involved with your benches.

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