Romantic Lights

The winter holidays bring so many changes and people are so excited about them. For example the snow seems to disappear and warmer temperatures rule. There people are so enthusiastic about Christmas and Santa Claus get his hat and all sorts of other decorations snow…If you watch Christmas Carefully, the first thing that you will notice is the snow and Santa’s carols. Each lantern has a nice and original design with carved nails and accents on the sides. Well, it seems that the snow has eaten all the presents.

The same joyful decorations have a snow white magic that fills the entire place. The snow seems to fall all over the place and the kitchen and the dining room seem to appear green and festive although from the kitchen there are only three colourful candies, but also from the dining room there are snowflakes made of colored powdered sugar and wrapped in tiny paper.

Romantic Lights Photo 2

I could not love this snow white Christmas decorations more but I sure would love to receive each time a guests comes here and I’m sure that at least one of them wants to eat something on the plates. It all depends on the imagination and all the food of the family.{found on freshome}

Romantic Lights Photo 3

Romantic Lights Photo 4

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