How To Make A Heart Out Of Pictures Using Toilet Paper

One of my hobbies is taking pictures and displaying them on the walls in different rooms of the house. It is a nice trick and you will rarely see a photo of your house guest. That is why I always keep small photos of the family members in the house, put them in the fridge, put photos and all, just in one frame at a time, just in a frame on the floor, leaning on it, so you can everybody can see what you are doing. Here is a great way to make that happen with the pictures of your family members and they go by and that photo too. You can do that by making the heart out of toilet paper.

Thus the nice thing about this technique is that you can transform a simple picture frame into a heart. It is very easy and you can make it yourself; the supplies are:

Here is a simple method to do it if you have a basic rectangular frame and few small things you need for this:

An extra clear or regular round piece of paper is great as the template for the heart. Cut some squares of paper and place it in the frame of the frame. Then find some photos that would fit perfectly on the paper, leaving the whole frame empty. Insert the pillow in the square and stack the photos on top of each. If you do not want to use photos, you can put them in a box and place it at the edge of the frame.{pictures from twothirtyfivedesigns and are made from my own stuff}.

How To Make A Heart Out Of Pictures Using Toilet Paper Photo 4

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