Houses Glass Sliders By Andrés Moreno Arquitectos

Nowadays there seems to be a new trend in building glass sliders. It is interesting how some architects and some architects decide to use the sliders instead of the facade of an individual house because this keeps the owners company even while they renovate the house and they enjoy the privacy they protect. Architects Moreno Arquitectos in Chile intended to follow this same «uni-adic» pattern. Thus the glass sliders of the new House in Playa Grande was created with sliders that can be partially or completely glazed with just the final result completely Decorated by Andrés Moreno Arquitectos.

House Skiscalia is located in Canfield Bay, Chile and it is currently on the market for $4, 1.4 million. As you may know, in the last few years architects have also carved out of the garden an entire facade of the house that is now sitting on the new extension. The original house built in 1850 buildings were turned into beautiful houses; a stone house from the 1800s was kept as such by Mancini and reinvented into a post-modern contemporary house.

Houses Glass Sliders By Andrés Moreno Arquitectos Photo 2

10 years ago the house sat in the little black pocket of land in beautiful Valle de Bravo, Mexico City. The owners asked the architect firm Atelier Arquitectos to create a big house which would serve as a multi-purpose space. The extension was planned to have two levels of functional areas. The basement also serves as a gym, a gym shed, a performance space and finally the ground floor and an indoor pool. The pool sits in a big green protection area which faces the ocean allowing for beautiful and amazing views.

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