Dark Wood Porcelain Tile With Undermount Lighting

The light fixture above the bathroom counter is another very interesting and poetic element that makes this area such an intimate place. The light fixture would be particularly appropriate for a luxury-style space like the bedroom. Typically bright colors are preferred for the bathroom but there are also variations. Both the counter and the floor are dark so the subtle lighting was in order to create a warm and calm atmosphere. The tiles have beveled edges with irregular shapes and this ensures a cohesive and harmonious look throughout.

This piece is not just one of the beautiful details that can make your bathroom stand out. It’s also a decoration that adds a little bit of drama to the space. The overall design is classical and with a twist. Even though the overall look is modern, the color palette is old and traditional so the décor could in fact be adapted to this new age if needed. This piece can be placed in the bathroom in the kitchen or anywhere else you might need it. The bathroom dimensions are 800 mm x 4590 mm (1.5? x 2?) wide. It’s simple, classical, timeless and it’s also a versatile piece of furniture.Available for 500$.

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