Crate And Barrel Pendant Light Set

This lovely vintage chandelier features 2 large chains intertwined in a pie-like pie-scented floral design. It’s a very soft and charming item and it would look lovely in a nursery room. The dimensions of this chandelier are 15?h x 56?l x 36?w. It costs $ equate and it would look stunning in any home. It’s versatile and beautiful and it would look best in modern decors with a neutral color palette. It has a soft sweetness to it that, combined with the beautiful floral design, result in a very elegant piece.

Because of its versatile structure, this chandelier can be included in both traditional and modern homes, as long as you don’t exaggerate with its number. You can, for example, it in a décor that shares the furniture but lacks the actual definition of style. You can, for example, this living room also features a wall cabinet that, in this case, fits perfectly in the décor. The décor would combine with the large scale of the chandelier as well as its resemblance to a factory. It would be a simple and clever way of creating a subtle but interesting focal point.

The large dimensions of this chandelier might make it seem a little old and outdated but this is a modern alternative that, despite its old and outdated design, takes it out of the equation and takes it to a whole new level. It’s reminiscent of the industrial age when it was really efficient and there was really no way around that. This type of design is actually more modern and expressive and it nicely matches with modern and contemporary interior decors.

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