Boffi Bathtub

Nowadays there seems to be a new market for all bathroom furniture.Bufo bathtub is an unusual and unique piece of furniture that has the capacity to impress a lot of people.Available from 1500$.

The fact that has the potential to look wow is the ability of including a variety of stunning designs and to match any bathroom color you might want or need. Of course, I can’t ignore the fact that there are a lot of other similar piece of furniture just as impressive and unique as this particular Boffi bathtub.

Its imposing and sophisticated look ensures it will keep you from falling in love with all the features and features that imply a very simple and straight-forward design. It has a rectangular shape and the focal point is represented by the very soft lines and edges, being set back into a beautiful chandelier. The designer succeeds both by staying with the classic style and also by adopting a contemporary one. Every color, texture, design, print or even the combination of three colors looks very good in this context.

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