900 Sq Ft House Interior Design In Athens

Situated within the bustling business district of Athens, this beautiful house was designed by Dive Architects and Chartier-Gorman Architects and it’s situated on a narrow sculptural street. From there, the house reveals a unique distribution over the floor plan.

The social area is facing the glass curtain wall, with natural light enhancing the spacious and open feel. The corner dining room is positioned within the gallery to the North, with the kitchen located to the West behind it and the living room to the South, with the two bedrooms directly facing the pool.

But the most interesting area of the entire house is the “winter garden”. It’s a beautiful and bold-colored space with beautiful blue views and a subtle nautical theme. The garden is a design element as well. It’s seamlessly complemented by the black and white area rug and the furniture. The bedroom in particular is unique in its elegance. Although simple, the décor is very relaxing.

The crisp white décor is softened by some subtle contrasts. The contrast is created by both the light and the dark elements. The wooden flooring is subtle and the subtle touches of color are also given by the cheerful plants and the overall color palette.

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