Radiator Towel Rack

T towel racks are meant to protect our towels and make them be warmer and dryer. That is why they usually have a simple and useful design. This particular towel rack is made, as you can imagine, of a wood board, an iron, some black paint and probably a couple of small hanging hooks. The combination seems simple but only because of the advantages. The towel rack is great for any kind of bathroom and the same thing can be applied to any kind of table.

The wood is protected with a protective layer of lacquer and then the iron transfers marks every edge with a pencil. This way every dry cloth is dry and this way it stays cool and airy. This simple design will also be eye-catching and the dark-stained wood adds a rustic touch to your bathroom. The item you see here needs to be purchased it on the manufacturer’s responsibility, responsibility and friendship.Available on site.

Radiator Towel Rack Photo 2

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