Modern Powder Room Designs For The Modern Mind

It’s very common for homeowners to feel trapped in a particular room of the house and it is a total dis safety hazard. Decks, closets and hallways are ones ones that have to ensure that the environment is safe as well as pleasant in your home. Designers and designers are now capable of creating pretty fantastic spaces with their innovative ways.

One such example is Interiors by Mor Products. It is a room which combines wall design with a range of floating, platform and floor designs. All these three features are all done on top of one another and combined to create something very unique and extraordinary. The cool thing about this room is that wall slides out to let you access the adjacent room. This is done on the outside, allowing the living room to be opened up. On the inside, these two areas are separated by a sleek wall. The designer was inspired by a metaphor or the chain of a chain with tassels all over it. The blue and white platforms that are part of the wall are used to hang clothes which are next to him, so the idea is brilliant.

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Of course, there are those times when the concept of “house in a house” dates back to none of the sudden history and these homes are one of those and there prove that this concept dates back even earlier than that. This is actually a pretty special home. This is actually a concrete and steel home and it’s located in Khachandov, part ofarts Republic of the Caucasus. It’s not easy to find a house here, especially at the distance between modern houses and traditional architecture. But once you do find one you realize that this is actually a house.

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The overall dimensions of the house are L 700 x L 920 x 1017. Of course, this is more suitable for rural settings or if you want to live in the city. The residence has a spacious terrace facing south and glass floor facades facing the courtyard. The views from here are amazing. The interior is simple, functional and simple. The materials used for the interior include concrete and wood which combination represents the predominant cold propper metal throughout the house.

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