Light Ideas To Improve The Light Ambience In Your Home

Since the days when we used to see artificial light sources meant to be detrimental to the environment in general, designers try to use real sources of light wearingirectional transparencies. These lights can also improve the natural illumination of the room in times of need. Bring forward the concept of light and nature in a unified visual atmosphere.

Transit in the direction of the sunlight at sunset, and turn on the lights around you. The idea is to create a visual illusion by using landscape lighting, and simply refer to the natural light sources from the city.

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Candida Horizon Luxury boutique hotel in Sao Paulo

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There are plenty of stunning traditional light fixtures you can choose from in the market. These can be art pieces hanging from the ceiling or simple hanging from the wall, both from traditional sources that enhance the theme. For example, this Candida Horizon luxury boutique hotel can be used also as a showroom for your cars. It functions the same as a showroom and you can also use it as your guesthouse.

The C6 residence in Paris

The C6 residence is the name of an individual building. It’s actually a cluster of two separate flowerplaces, one at the front and one at the back open. The residence was designed by Maxime Vaxllil as a contemporary decoration, a way to make the rooms look more appealing and their designs casual.

Espresso coffee 1850 in Paris

The design of the same residence in Paris is actually a very modern one. It features clean, geometric shapes complemented by striking linear lines. The geometric shapes used for the façade are a new choice, among contemporary design. They offer the residence a futuristic look while also creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, a perfect example of modern architecture. The residence was designed by Raum: Architecture.

Technically, the façade is a large painting made of glass. However, it’s not an obvious structure that distinguishes the rest of the structure either. The residence was designed by MVRDV, an architecture and furniture design studio founded in 1995 by two young architects who enjoy new designs and always look for new ways of making time.

Located on Coll Barneys in Paris, the residence enjoys a close connection with the outdoors. A large infinity pool is strategically placed near a spa. The outdoor area also connects the interior with the surroundings.

House SJ is located in Sydney and was completed in 2013. It’s a beautiful residence with expansive outdoor areas, lush vegetation and wooden terraces. The ground floor of the residence is what gives it its name. An L-shaped wooden deck leads up to the entrance area.

The outdoor area is a relaxing retreat. One of the most wonderful features of the house is a large pool that was also constructed of a terrace formed by a grassy area adjacent to the lounge area. This space also joins together the social spaces. The canteen is a contemporary transformation that follows the same Le Corbusier’s remark. The large glass walls are a spacious way of admitting light and beauty and are framed by the lush vegetation becoming one space for relaxation. The wood-burning stove is the only source of power, being hidden behind a glass wall.

Headboards are a thing of the past not only for the occupant, but also for the house in the mountains, a great romantic spot and the views that make this place special and unique. We could say that the whole concept of this residence is multifunctional. We have the marvelous and minimalist “Bau Paut” rocking chair in the background, as well as a large table which serves as a place to rest your feet and a place to enjoy breakfast or dinner.

The main living area decorated with modern furniture and a large fireplace and wooden cabinets is the perfect retreat for those moments when you want to escape the real world and enjoy with family and friends. What’s more “Bau Paut” is an extraordinary concept. I’m not sure many of us would have thought to relax here so many years ago. It’s simply incredible for all the senses. The atmosphere here is amazing, the furniture used here was carefully chosen and the attention to details is amazing as well. The combination of simplicity and luxury is amazing and the location and the atmosphere in there is mind-blushing even if it’s just a weekend getaway.

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