Crate Cabinet Designed By Martijn Poelstra

This chic and minimalist cabinet is actually an ingenious storage solution featuring one of the simplest designs you can find. The coffee cabinet is composed of two plastic doors mounted on parallel bottoms of a triangle formed by aluminum pipes. This is either a staircase or a freestanding piece of furniture with open shelves and glass doors. It’s a very simple but yet very ingenious and versatile piece of furniture that can be used in the kitchen, the dining room or in other areas of the house. It’s the perfect storage solution for small items.

The cabinet has been formed of two parts thattie two of the compartments located on the front. This way you could have three compartments that measure 20X40 horizontally and one of which is 11.5X45. The front and back compartments are separated into two halves. There’s also a magnetic middle shelf situated on one side of the cabinet that can hold tall items like pansies or utensils. The design of this piece of furniture is very simple and fresh. It’s not overly complicated but it’s not too simple neither should it be. And since we’re talking about the obvious choice, it would be wise to include at least three different other items into the design, like a bookshelf, vases or comfy chairs.

The overall dimensions of this chic and minimalist cabinet are 1100 square feet / h / 360 square feet / h / 180 degree. It’s indeed a very functional piece of furniture. Moreover, the colors available are very bright and attractive.

Crate Cabinet Designed By Martijn Poelstra Photo 3

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