Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets Without Frames – Transparent Or Matte

If you prefer the simplicity that comes with these furniture pieces, you’ll probably like this kitchen cabinets regardless of your choice of decorative items. Designed by Scavolini, the kitchen furniture is simple and modern, with a flat, clean look and with subtle architectural details. The cabinets are available in smooth lacquered 19mm blackened steel, in other versions 15 mm natural blackened steel or, in glossy lacquered white 20mm high gloss acrylic. Design-wise they are cylindrical and have great presence because of their long thin legs that prevents the top from going up and the door is transparent.

Closed behind the wall or doors, the cabinets are not meant for other types of designs so they would rather belong on a sleek and glamorous modern kitchen. They are also built to last longer than any other kitchen furniture and have a beautiful modern design with stylish features and abat an elegant appearance. The kitchen furniture comes in several different finishes and, based on the chosen method of décor, it can also be customized to suit your own style.

Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets Without Frames – Transparent Or Matte Photo 2

I like this ensemble especially because it’s simple, stylish and elegant. The glossy lacquered cabinet with two floating islands and the two matching appliances are perfect for prepping meals on the go. If you feel like your kitchen needs a little extra storage space, than this could be the right thing to use. The white frame makes the whole kitchen look modern and simple, without that extra storage compartment.

Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets Without Frames – Transparent Or Matte Photo 3

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