Studio Apartment Interior Design By OOOOX

This apartment is situated in Schartenstrand and it covers a surface of 57 square meters. It’s an area that usually remains empty. Nevertheless, the owners of this apartment are very creative and they really enjoy mixing modern and industrial pieces together. They took inspiration from industrial building materials and translated that into a light-hearted and original décor. The light-hearted furniture piece is a focal point in the living room.

The walls of the living room are dark and simple at first sight but then you realize that there are also other dark-hued elements there like the ceiling, ceiling rose and splashes of walls everywhere. The pendant hanging above the dining table is one of those features. It actually adds some contrast to this atmosphere.

The wooden dining room chairs are also a subtle transition from the light fixtures that used to be very popular and commonly seen in living room. We also enjoy the contrast of dark industrial furniture and the equally striking white table with a engineered marble top. They are both a beautiful addition to the room and they coordinate well with the industrial-style light fixtures.

The bedroom is actually part of the same open floor plan. It’s situated under the bedroom wall and has a simple and warm interior décor. The white ceiling makes it stand out even more. The mirrored headboard is also a focal point worthy of being included into the décor. We also like the use of wood in the room. It adds warmth to the space and it’s also a simple and practical way of making the room feel more inviting.

Studio Apartment Interior Design By OOOOX Photo 4

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