Decor For Top Of Kitchen Cabinets With A Pop Of Color

Kitchen is a place where every kitchen cook understands that it is a job that cannot be done without style. The kitchen is a place where every cook understands that they need to keep a minimum of style into their meals. It is a place that should inspire them daily to provide style and character. For the top of the kitchen cabinets with pop of color, the designer Pia Manojtalos brought these ideas of style and personality to the kitchen.

She adopted the idea of color and combined it with that of light. That is why we can see that the kitchen cabinets are in light blue / sky blue, like a clear sky that only makes you feel happy when you are there.The best part of this combination is that the kitchen is eye catching and you can enjoy more the freedom that you have in your freedom and can do whatever you want in the kitchen. Here everything is modern and the entire space is dynamic. This space is no longer dull and it is fun with the green and the indigo items. The sea blue items are great, but the cooking is stopped with the use of turquoise accessories. The turquoise accessories are combined with different patterns and container. The use of the blue and turquoise items gives personality to the kitchen and gives life to the entire place.

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