Small Kitchen Remodel Pics

We’re now in the middle of a remodel and we just bought a small kitchen and we’re trying to find the best place for it in order to have a functional kitchen. It’s more than just a kitchen anymore. We actually just found the perfect place to put it. Take a look at the pictures below and you’ll understand exactly what we were talking about.

First, let’s take a look at the kitchen. It currently features mostly white walls. However, the black accents and the minimalist décor create a very clean background. The oak cabinet is the star. Its black finish really pops out in the open ceiling beams. The pendant lights are also a very daring accent piece.

Small Kitchen Remodel Pics Photo 3

Look at that tiled backsplash and the unusual geometric pattern. It’s a great backsplash. The dining room was a little small but, in this case, it was very well integrated in the décor. The cabinets have white ceramic tile floor though.

The living area is really small but it seems to maintain the same décor throughout. The fireplace is very small but it seems to be working really well. The bedroom is also small but it seems more spacious and airy. We also have white walls throughout and the windows definitely help. It’s the perfect balance. Overall, the apartment is bright, airy and it seems relaxing both for the inhabitants and the guests.

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