Old Home Interior Combines Modern And Vintage Elements

It’s quite rare to see such an interesting home. It’s one of those houses that not only looks unusual but, if you step back, you almost realize how different the elements used to be to create something unique and different. This house is located in Johannesburg, in South Africa and its interior is highly original and unusual. It combines the modern and vintage with style and is one of those homes that really impress.

The interior design is very interesting. It’s unusual to see anything that doesn’t match these styles. This is a house that, despite its contemporary interior, combines so well with the traditional elements and the general image. It’s a very fresh and colorful space, perfect for living. The permanent fixtures, the pendant from the kitchen and the chair from the living room are just a few examples. However, the real highlight of this house may be the dramatic dinner table and the huge glass doors that allow you to see inside without even opening doors.

Moreover, there’s also a more unusual approach. You can always go out into the garden and enjoy the weather, listen to the rain and the beautiful views. The kitchen has been decorated in a very surprising style. It has large windows and an overall rustic décor. The bedroom is actually quite small because of the shape of the room. Still, it can be large thanks to the glass walls.

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