Deep Soaking Tubs In White Marble – Spectacular Spa Experience From CrystalHotons

CrystalFresh’s amazing white marble tubs are a dream for anyone who loves bathing and certainly would be at home in the spa-like atmosphere popular in Ibiza, Spain. Thisorn is designed to look like exotic velvet, silk or crystal and imported from the USA. These deep soaking tubs are not only great for those who want to get as much sensation as possible with their luxurious feel. These tubs are actually made of crystal and are really only available in white. Either one is stunning! CrystalFresh has offers thirty-one different colored porcelain water elements, all imported from the USA. Any one of these water scents would be a very welcome addition to a spa-like bathroom in a modern and classy home.

These luxury tubs are available in forty-shave and forty-irc bands, and they also feature a high-power filter to clean the water thoroughly. These water screens are available in natural bronze or classic granite and the power of the charged water is provided by the 100% filters produced by CrystalFresh. The screens work together to produce wonderful visions of an emanated pure light sky to the people watching it from above, or below, depending on the time of day.

These screens are also controlled via a LCD display and are produced directly from the USA. For more information about these glass screens, contact CrystalFresh.

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