Curved Bathroom Vanity By Vadme Architects

If you have not heard of this project called Curver or Curved Vanity it is very clear what is it. It’s a very clever idea that in the same way creates a curved wall. The bathroom vanity is created in an initial joint around the entire vanity. The result is a beautiful and visually pleasing design. It’s a very ingenious and unique piece of furniture that adds style and class.

The contemporary design is very striking and also minimalist. The curved wall is created from several small pieces that are put together to form a great piece. The overall dimensions of this piece are 20? wide x 18? deep x 6? high. It would look great in a modern and simple bathrooms, featuring simple and pure lines but that still ev Lots of character. It’s a classic and has a timeless design. Its white finish only enhances its beauty. The piece comes in a variety of different colors and color combinations.

The curved wall also features silver-grey finish, but this time silver-grey is referring also to the frame with which the vanity is usually built. The frame is made of satin Dlohl gallery bronze embossed lacquered black walnut veneer. The vanity is made from white porcelain with white leather insets for an elegant finish. The vanity measures 27? wide x 18? deep x 6? high. The dimensions for the vanity are 35? wide x 15? deep x 11? high. The solid brass sink is the perfect size for the vanity and features a smooth oval shape. The vanity comes with a 5-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

Curved Bathroom Vanity By Vadme Architects Photo 3

Curved Bathroom Vanity By Vadme Architects Photo 4

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