Land Of Nod Campfire In Sargtol

The name of this resort hotel suggests the location; land of the sun. This unique place is located in the heart of Sargtol, on the Neris River and it is the most inviting and warm district in Helsinki, Finland. The traditional architecture with the details of modern technology, southern climate and beautiful landscapes inspired the design proposed by the modern designer Vokral. The golden tones and the spread of natural light create a very relaxing and luxurious atmosphere and complement the beautiful blue waters that seem to be the source of inspiration for all the aspects of the project.

This unique resort features a surface of 350 rooms and suites. Actually there are 66 villas and suites in total of Arealbergærden (the most famous and famous of the famous hotels in Helsinki). The first classification of the Grey Orchid Lodge is based on zone strength. However, the complete façade of the building is not bad, as it has a beautiful façade and outer facing windows.

The guests can enjoy a range of activities such as skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and fishing, while at the same time being able to see a series of water sports and a variety of other activities. The 18 different spectacle islands include stunning snowboarding, snowshoeing, sailing and sailing and can be booked for groups. The guests can snorkel or catch glimpses of some of the world’s most incredible landscapes. Moreover, with additional suites, the hotel offers two restaurants on the private pool. In addition to these fantastic areas, guests can also relax in more luxurious accommodations such as the medieval restaurant with panoramic views of the Ionian Sea.

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