Tree House Green Wall In Berlin

This is not the first pleasant tree house in Berlin but not the last. There a really old oak tree that was planted there by the owner very soon. It’s still in good shape and it’s remained untouched since it was built. What is even more interesting about this tree house is that it’s actually a freestanding building. Built on a 20 square meter area in the Wall, the apartment comprises two levels with an area of 205 square meters.

This freestanding building has some distinctive features such as isolated corners and is visually attractive. To make things more interesting, the owners created an artificial fireplace and an airy and inviting living room, with low furniture that creates the impression of a larger space. The kitchen is spacious and has an over equipped working corner. The kitchen is original and very beautiful. The bedroom is spacious and features a beautiful fireplace that separates the sleeping area from the rest of the area. The living area has an ingenious storage solution and also some freestanding wooden benches that create a relaxing corner.

The apartment is situated on the 6th out of 6 floors and is built grade with radiant heated flooring under the bedroom slab. The entire building is very beautiful. It’s an eye-catching modern building with a stylish exterior, lots of original features, stylish interior designs and subtle industrial features. It would make a very nice home.{found on innerstadsspecialisten}.

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