Cool Photo Collage Pairs Wood With Light

These two wooden objects are not ordinary objects that you can use for decoration. They have just one feature that really catches your attention. It’s such a simple and yet such a useful thing to do. The result is so interesting, it would be a shame to pass the time by to realize you have among them some lovely and useful things.

It’s those features like light or otherwise pictures that are so artificial and nature-inspired, combining wood and light in such a great way. It’s like somebody has actually planned to took those nice traditional picture and put them together. And this way you can really get creative and combine various cultures and eras.

It’s not like those objects where not taken from a contemporary home but still you can take a different image and use some of them in your home, for example these morphed images. There are probably some commonly used images around that don’t really apply to a particular room of the house, so the owners of this house decide to try to look closely and sometimes you may miss some of the family photos you have gathered in one of your photos. But for the owners this is the the chance to take your kid’s pictures in an entirely different area, so it’s not the same as their own little playground, so they might not like to see those anymore. But for them it’ s definitely an important chance and a good chance to learn about those habits.

Cool Photo Collage Pairs Wood With Light Photo 3

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