Cheap Cubby Storage Ideas With Cubbies

Cubbies are very commonly used in the kitchen. They are great for storing all sorts of things. The point of using them is not to keep your kitchen clutter free but simply to display all your lovely dishes and other accessories. So how do you find a basket that is both functional and aesthetically-pleasing? It’s not a topic all of us would be able to deal with but it’s very helpful in this case. Have a look at these cubby storage ideas.


Let’s start with the basics. How about this. It’s a very simple but also very practical and functional storage cube that can be used for both inside the house and out in the garden. You can use it to store all sorts of things. The main thing it has to function as a storage cube. It can be used for more than just food and dishes. You can keep it above the kitchen island where you can put a dishwasher, pot cards, homework assignments and so on.

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Recycling Station.

Another option would be to build your own cupcake storage unit. It doesn’t have to be a complicated project. In fact, it’s a very simple one. You can use the units to store and organize your fruit, vegetables or just your liners. They’re all stored in here and easy to grab using a pegboard. The bottom can be a large pantry. Make sure you measure twice before you cut the pieces because they’ll have to fit perfectly inside the pegboard.

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Storage cube shelf.

This storage cube has a very interesting design. It’s actually a shelf but, because it’s so small and not all the walls have windows in them, the storage cube also offers other possibilities. As you mount the cube on the wall, you can use a damp cloth to push the damp cloth up to the interior. This will absorb sound and will help the cube stay cool and cool during the winter. The unit can be wall-mounted but the upper lip can be filled with clear or translucent material to make it easier for you to move it around.

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