Feature Wall Living Room Designs By In-Tenta

Have you ever dreamed of having your own wall unit just in time for taking advantage of your movie night? If you do, you’re probably kidding, but it doesn’t compare with the real thing. In-Tenta has come up with a concept that they call “the first wall living room”. It’s a project that requires perfect simplicity and that has all the right characteristics to be considered a feature. The main idea behind this visionary project was to create a space that is inviting and comfortable enough to host guests, where you can easily hide all your electronics, books and any other objects that you don’t want to be exposed.

So, the living room is a very simple space. But there aren’t many chances to fit everything inside. That being said, the creative people from In-Tenta decided to create a modular living room that will be moved around and designed by In-Tenta. It’s a very smart idea as it helps the user take advantage of his space. It’s a good idea because in the long run it gets to be multifunctional, a think both of which are good at.

As for the furniture, it’s an innovative design that will allow it to be highly versatile. It’s a modular living room design that includes a mobile sofa in different colors and with different shapes and seats. In the end, it gathers many living room pieces to create a cozy and surprisingly cozy environment. It’s the perfect mix of looks and comfort that makes it so appealing.

Feature Wall Living Room Designs By In-Tenta Photo 4

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