Table Plate Setting: A Chic Place To Eat

People have always eat, but it’s time that we learn how to cook. We need quality food, lots of candles and fresh ingredients that can last more than a weekend. So every place must have some place where we can sit comfortable or put all sorts of things on tableware. The dining room is the perfect solution for any home, and Karim Rashid is one of the best examples.

If you’re in the market for some new ideas for decorations or if you simply need a space where to store some candles and maybe where to display your cooking utensils, Karim Rashid has a great solution. Home accessories can come in many shapes, forms, and colors, so it’s relatively easy to plan a furniture arrangement for a dining room. But sometimes you need something so special. And that’s what it comes in: a customized dining table. This is a table that you can trust in, that promises to take all your dining room decor to the next level and that can be your centerpiece.

With a unique design and a beautiful look, the Flip Glass table plates and stands proud on their own in a chic and sophisticated dining room. The round glass pedestal base is made of two circles that intersect in the shape of a flower, creating an artistic look. The design is reminiscent of traditional chandeliers, but in this case, the results are simple and unique.

Koncept offers a beautiful range of tableware and, as you can see, are very generous. They are available in red or blue or red and white stripes, or in white and black. The dimensions are 400 mm x 400 mm; 510 mm thickness needed to fulfill the request. You can now purchase this simple but beautiful glass table for the special price of $2,500.

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