Wall Mount Entertainment Unit – Symbolic Shelves By FlipDis Profile

With its brilliant flip switch exterior mirror, the Symbolic Shelves by flipDis Profile lets you add modern sophistication to any wall. When nature dictates us, maybe the environment is paying the best homage – right down to the aesthetic appeal of a piece of furniture. Because these flip-out shelving systems can be flip-foward or just bringing a piece of nature indoors, they are far more than storage containers; they are playful and sustainable solutions that encourage a fun, yet lasting home. These wall-mounted pieces showcase how versatility, imagination and creativity can create a contemporary entertainment system that will always shine. Whether it is a corner fireplace, a wall-mounted TV or a suspended fireplace, the adaptable shelves will constantly transform the way you enjoy your interior decorating.

Learn more about the Symbolic Shelving System by flipDis Profile. Inspired by the likes of soap operas, theatre and movie set, these contemporary wall-mounted shelves become an integral part of your home’s decor. The adaptable shelves are available in a palette of brilliant hues and patters that will further enhance your home’s urban ambiance.

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