Villa Miami: Penthouse With Views Of A Pond And Mountains In The Backyard

Spotted on Platt, this lovely penthouse is located on the third and fourth floor of a 1950 building located in Malmalay, Australia. The penthouse has large outdoor areas like the beautiful deck and swimming pool as well as a tranquil interior garden with a pottering pond at the front and a decorative rock out back.

The master bedroom is a luxurious room with an oversize glass and steel fireplace.The layout of the room creates several layers of views and adds a bit of drama to the space with the use of busy patterned construction on the outside of the door and the photograph within the fireplace. Placing the fireplace and surrounding the fireplace with a pool of water creates an effect of open air entertaining, just what it’s like to stay close to the ocean even during good weather. The interior of the bedroom is calm, quiet almost like taking a dip into the ocean.

The living room on the picturesque corner of the house picturesque street is stunning and luxurious. The room is spacious and flows well with the interiors. The couches and sofas are great looking luxurious and in perfect condition. The chimney comes in a floralque pattern in a beautiful shade of blue while all the walls have been picture polished white. The big windows are captivating and bring natural light into the living room. The kitchen is modern and spacious with plenty of space for dining and cooking on the built in island.

The bedrooms are inviting and fun and there is also a playroom for kids.

The master bedroom has a super modern look which is quite convenient. A built-in bedside table with lights offers necessary safety and also offers additional storage. There are also four additional bedroom suites and a guest/ children’s bedroom. The roofs are covered with beautiful lanterns bringing freshness inside and also introducing a nuance into the rooms.

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