Modern Yard With A Minimalist Design And A Smart Indoor-outdoor Connection

Shaped like an intimate tate terrace, this house has an unusual design that combines different materials, styles and with a variety of different directions. The Bauhaus Yeungam terrace for example is very simple and lacks any furniture but stays in line with a central staircase, offering access at any level.

Its main entrance features a fusion of modern and traditional elements. There’s a graceful and imposing staircase that leads to the upper level’ open floor where there are the living room, the kitchen and the three bedrooms that are located on the first floor. The bedrooms are bright and simple but also sophisticated and sophisticated.

The overall décor is elegant with classical details everywhere you look. The simplicity of the interior décor is impressive but the fact that it’s such a versatile style is not bad either. The contrasts and perfect complements makes it stand out but on a bigger scale. There’s a certain harmony between all those elements. The whole house is very beautiful and inviting and stylish. It would make a very cozy and inviting home. Of course, there are a few major changes that needed to be made.

Obviously, the architecture and interior design differences are very important, especially when you’re not exactly sure what’s best for the house you’re decorating. It needs to be such a fun place to live but it also requires a lot of attention to details. This house, for example, is decorated with black and brown features. The walls are decorated with views of beautiful construction materials and, due to the contrast, it seem like the rooms are entirely covered in crisp orange curtains. The complete furniture and accessories are a great way to add some color to a simple yet minimalist space.

Modern Yard With A Minimalist Design And A Smart Indoor-outdoor Connection Photo 4

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