Ikea Cubicle Storage Solution From Altea

For those who are not very fond of working desk, these practical pieces of furniture are the best solution. For those who have a small apartment or condo and need a practical solution for storing office items, Altea has the perfect solution. It’s an innovative oak piece of furniture that allows you to save space and maximize efficiency. The Oita Cradle by Altea in particular is innovative in the sense that it’s multifunctional. It’s a grade 5 model that eliminates the need for a table.

The main advantage of this piece of furniture is the innovative foot stall. The mechanisms are embedded in the floor and the support legs simply tip and change position. The legs are made of aluminum and the unit features a CNC routed detail system. It has a simple and innovatively simple design and it was built using KNC (computer oriented cutting) technology. This way the surface of the unit is not disturbed in a big effort to avoid damage. Also, the unit is easy to move around and you can take it with you anywhere you want to. Moreover, it offers multiple storage shelves for files or other items. Of course, the piece of furniture has its distinguishable features.

Ikea Cubicle Storage Solution From Altea Photo 3

The Oita Cradle is available in two versions, either with four separate bases or three that cantilever away from the floor. It’s also equipped with a three-way switch rotate, high and low shelves and a leather pull. The leather version is available at an prices starting with $3,000. The dimensions of the Oita Cradle are 22’’ height, 31.5’’ width and 30’’ depth.

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