Country Cottage Homes – Lovely, Bright And Inspiring

An architect might not be the best in his work and knowing what’s truly important in a person’s work, but knowing an architect is helpful in many cases. For example, Bill Schulman is an architect of our very own, a writer and painter based in Sarasota, Florida. He likes to write. That’s why he decided to build this charming little house. His idea was to create something simple but striking, an escape in which everyone can feel like home. This project began with the research and collaboration of the architect and soon it reached the final result. The house covers an area of 210 square meters and it was built among trees on a sloping site.

It’s a small building that occupies a plot of land near the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by nature and wildlife. The client’s wishes were simple. They wanted it to be a comfortable place for reading, napping and relaxation. The architect’s goal was to build a place that could be cozy, inviting and connected to the landscape around it while also benefiting from beautiful views. The actual design of the house is meant to preserve the trees nearby, to emphasize them and to make them part of the whole design. The entryway is a transition space. A portion of the house was built above the ground and houses a series of bedroom spaces and a large walk-in closet, a reading corner and a laundry area. In the living room, a large wooden unit runs through the window, again Adding warmth and texture to the space. The dune sitting space is another nook that overlooks the garden.{images from Matthew Carbone, Casey Dunn Photography, Tim Stultematters}.

The House with a View

We’ve mentioned that the first place we visited is Villa Brash, a gorgeous contemporary home located in Porto Evenación de Guanacaste by Antonio Zanalucia, with views towards the Atlantic Ocean. Still, this not the only reason why we chose this site for this residence. This is actually a relatively small mansion with a gorgeous interior design, open spaces and stylish features. It was a project by architect Brantalucia, who wanted to maximize the views of the lush forest in the back of the property.

The owner wanted the house to be as high-end and contemporary as possible but also to have the intimacy of a modern structure. In order to define the main spaces of the house we have created a long strip of concrete ribboned in steel that goes from the back and covers a large area more quickly, a sort of continuum that helps the house to integrate with the landscape. On the first floor you’ll find more open spaces that also have glass sliding doors. This is the main entrance area and the connection between these spaces is also strong and fun.

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Villa atelier Tekuto.

This gorgeous vintage residence is located in Bratislava, Slovakia and was designed by Studio 1608. Making the most of the views and the connection with the landscape, the house features a low, white volume with a skylight at the center. It sits on a green roof and it’s surrounded by a series of verandas and terraces that serve as outdoor gardens as well as a beautiful swimming pool.

The residence was completed in 2008 and it’s situated on a rentable vacation property. It has an L-shaped floor plan and it contains a contemporary drawing room featuring a beautiful green garden with an outdoor dining area and lounge chairs. In addition to all these elements, the house also offers beautiful views of the garden. The indoor-outdoor connection is strong and the relationship is also strong on the second level.

A modern kitchen with lots of storage and a modern stove hood faces the backyard pool deck. A large kitchen island doubles as a bar and each drawer has an LED light. This stylish kitchen offers panoramic views of the trees and the surroundings and there’s also a dining area with stainless steel chairs and bar stools. The indoor-outdoor connection is strong and the connection is strong on the upper levels too. All the forms of the house are connected via stairs and there’s an elevator. Overall, the house is very beautiful, sustainable and has an exquisite design.{pics by Peter Bennetts, Pitsou Kedem, Horizontal Functional Man}.

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