20 Square Meters In Paris For An Apartment In Paris Yard

This apartment can be found in the 20 square meters on the top floor of a building in the center of Paris, in the neighborhoods of Le Marois and Marien. Despite the apartment’s impressive size and location, I can honestly say that this place is a dream home for a young couple. The apartment is very bright and fresh, almost entirely decorated in white. Indoor in the small, white space there are small black columns that delimitate the area. To allow the space to feel airy and bright, the walls and ceilings have been painted white.

To allow the apartment to remain airy and bright without relying on white walls, the lights have been replaced throughout the apartment. The kitchen is the only place from the house that has white walls. The kitchen is wide enough to accommodate a dining area with a pendant lamp hanging above the dining table. It’s a space from which it can also be visually extended.

For the living room, a series of shelves have been placed above the refrigerator, a space from which various things such as a book or the TV can be seen. Besides that, the apartment also has a dining area. It has an unusual shape – it appears to be a single room and this is especially evident in the living area. The area is long and narrow and the dining table may reach around it. It’s a comfortable space but it’s also minimalist and modern.{found on alexanderwhite}.

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