Timeline Table By Architects EAT

For the home owners of the “timeline” dining table, the Architects EAT designed a natural habitat that was specifically designed to house a ten=fence clad façade. Located in Athens, Greece, this phenomena is an amazing timeless piece that will forever be considered a draw. The architects came up with a table concept that was born out of a desire to connect the dinning area with the outdoor areas. It turned out to be an ingenious design that can be easily carried out with simple tools as well as a tremendous design. The horizontal or “timeless” design of the table was developed as a concept based on the concept of harmony and symmetry that could be easily put together anywhere in a relaxed environment.

The architects explored the liberty to use materials such as wood or glass as well as the surfaces for which they were resistant so as to be able to be as wide as possible without breaking the tables if they were small. The result is amazing due to the fact that the tables are easy to move and carry with them wherever they are needed.

Timeline Table By Architects EAT Photo 2

This is not a typical table design. It’s more like a table concept. The components are the same but the visual impact is stronger and more imposing. It’s a very pleasant balance and it also looks very interesting. The dimensions are symmetric as the wood and glass base only change the name and also the design. The table presented in the pictures is part of the Minimalist collection by EAT. I really like this collection and the way they manage to incorporate energy efficiency and solar power. It’s just another nice piece of furniture that takes the place of a classic table.

Timeline Table By Architects EAT Photo 4

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