Cool Pantry Ideas From Delos With Glass Doors

We all know that storage is a problem, especially when you have no idea how to solve it. In such cases we have to find solutions. There’s always room for one or two shelves, maybe even a multitude of shelves, separate compartments with their own walls. But whether you have a pantry, bookshelf or any other kind of storage space, you need to be clever about it.

If you’re lucky enough to have a wall-mounted pantry then you realize that everything has its place and it all looks so organized and user-friendly, sleek and small-looking, even though you’ve only come here with a glimpse of the pantry itself. This system is called Spice and it’s all storage with a little hand for the little things.

Delightfull offers a wealth of shelves which can be combined in numerous different ways. Spice racks can be installed on the wall and they’re user-friendly and feature user-friendly designs. There is also one on wheels which lets you easily move it from place to place. The mobile pantry comes in a variety of bright and fun colors. Mix and match the shelves and other objects and adapt the layout and arrangement as you want. If you like it, check out the full magazine rack on Etsy.

Cool Pantry Ideas From Delos With Glass Doors Photo 3

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