Charcoal Cabinets By Ann Sacks

When you have more than one choice for cabinets, it’s a good idea to use them well. We usually prefer kitchen cabinets with low tables and height adjustable shelves. Here’s another design that we like. It’s called Cra-Blah and it’s a very interesting and unusual wall storage system. It doesn’t look like an everyday kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Surprisingly, it has a very strong and durable construction. The shape is the reason why it feels like a homesto item. Of course, there’s also the option of changing the design and occupying the obsolete thing with enthusiasm.

This collection is very innovative and clever. The new Indigo and Scrum joints (or small button fingerings) are very original and unique. The design is very impressing and I’m sure you haven’t even noticed them. The lines look very natural and the modular depth allows you to arrange them in any way you want. Choose the fabric you like and get inspired and unique.

Charcoal Cabinets By Ann Sacks Photo 3

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