Bathroom Console Table By Leonor

Bathrooms are usually perceived as private spaces where you only need a piece of furniture to complete a set of functional and pleasant décor, where you feel comfortable and safe. That’s not usually the case here, for the contrary. This bathroom console table designed by Leonor offers exactly that. Such a table has its own design and its functionality is relative. This table has a very simple design. The console table includes four small drawers for storing towels and two tall storage boxes with marble imitations.

The towels are kept in boxes. The rest of the room is decorated by matches such as white tiles or glossy ceramic pieces, black wall art, black vases, green and grey towels or bath towels. Any color combination will add color and interest to a minimalist space. Individual pieces of furniture can be combined to form the main structure of the table. The dimensions of the console table are 60W x 26D x 33H inches.Available for $370.

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